The Books

Plant Love

Plant Love: The Scandalous Truth About the Sex Life of Plants, published by Filbert Press, is a new departure for me. It’s fun, entertaining, and beautifully illustrated with classic botanical paintings. The chapter headings set the tone. They include: Red Light Districts, Tarts and Hookers, Shy Ones and Narcissists, Boozers and Chancers, Bribes, and Kidnappers. But behind the fun there’s plenty of good, solid, scientific information. It’s all true, I tell you! So enjoy.

Prior to that, The Dictionary of Science for Gardeners and The Gardener’s Guide to Weather & Climate, were both published in 2015 by Timber Press. The dictionary defines 6000 scientific terms that are relevant to gardeners, and the guide to weather and climate describes in simple language how weather happens, how, over a long period, weather turns into climate, and how weather and climate affect garden plants.

My seven-book series Discovering the Earth is about the history of the environmental sciences, and the list also includes my eight-book series on Dangerous Weather.

My Oxford Paperback Reference books are five dictionaries, on Earth Sciences, Zoology, Plant Sciences, Ecology, and Environment & Conservation. All four are kept up to date with new editions and all are available on-line.

But this is only a short selection from the many books I have written. Why not look at them in more detail, and then browse through the full list? I’m sure you will find something in there that appeals to you.